Schoolcomms Desktop version history release information

We make minor bug fixes and improvements so that we can make Schoolcomms work better for you. Get the latest version for all of the available features and improvements. Thanks for using Schoolcomms!


9.6N (May 2020):

  • We’ve added the FSM Transitional Protection field from SIMS (this is only relevant for Welsh schools).
  • We’ve removed obsolete security letters functionality for non-SIMS schools.
  • Medical conditions are no longer shown for staff contacts on the About Me screen.

9.6K (September 2019):

  • We’ve fixed a bug which prevented schools deleting leavers with letters in the MIS ID.
  • We’ve made some changes to the way Online Reporting can be turned on for schools.

9.6D (September 2018):

  • We’ve fixed a bug in Messaging which prevented users sending emails with attachments.
  • Download the latest version to start sending emails with attachments again.
  • We’ve made some changes to the password management system and password complexity requirements (these changes will be rolled out to schools in due course).

9.6A (March 2018):

  • We’ve added the ability to opt a school member out of Schoolcomms
  • We’ve made some changes to the retention of personal data when a school member is removed from Schoolcomms
  • We’ve changed when FSM data from SIMS will be imported
  • We’ve removed student contact details from Online Reporting>Student Details
  • We’ve made it more obvious in Online Reporting>About Me what data is being shared
  • Security letters functionality has been removed
  • Updated licence agreement terms and conditions

9.5E (May 2017):

  • This version includes new functionality to allow free school meal information to be imported, plus a new link to Schoolcomms Dinners.

9.5D (March 2017):

  • This version includes import improvements and the ability to assign parental responsibility to linked people created in Schoolcomms.

9.3H (June 2016):

  • This version fixes an issue launching the new payments system when the users default browser is Microsoft Edge.

9.3G (June 2016):

  • This version is in preparation for our new look Payments system. You will need to download this version in order to access the new system from within Schoolcomms desktop.

9.3F (June 2016):

  • This version was shared with schools involved in the first release phase for our new Payments system as a way of providing early visibility and feedback.

9.3E (April 2016) included the following:

  • Share additional information about Behaviours and Achievements in Online Reporting (Activity type, Recorded by, Location, Time and Lesson Information)
  • Share Assessment data that is older than the current academic year in Online Reporting

9.2F (October 2015) contained the following fixes:

  • Not being able to archive text messages when the file extension is too long
  • Not allowing email addresses to be imported with .academy/.London domains
  • Refunds don’t write back to SIMS Dinner money if it takes the balance into a negative
  • Grammatical error on Online Reporting screen
  • Desktop files show old Schoolcomms address and copyright year

9.2E (March 2015) was an emergency release to fix an issue with 9.2D:

  • Fixed a critical issue with the SIMS Dinner Money synchronisation introduced with 9.2D

9.2D (February 2015) included the following:

  • We have added a button to launch Clubs
  • When creating a Schoolcomms account, you get an automated email. This has been updated to reflect the new registered address
  • When logging an email that includes standard wildcards (as opposed to extended wildcards) The attachment in SIMS is blank. This has been fixed so all message types log to SIMS correctly.
  • When creating a new school – lunch money cannot be enabled until after the 1st import has been run. This has now been resolved.
  • Members with £0 balance will no longer receive a message when sending to “members whose balance is below £0.00”
  • Pastoral staff are now included when sending a message ‘to teachers of’
  • Logging inbound emails now display correctly in Section 2 of SIMS communication log
  • When running an import, some ‘external’ payments through other systems (e.g. Agora) were unable to be converted

9.2C (October 2014) included the following:

  • Select Behaviour and Achievement types to include in Online Reporting
  • Share Assessment data on Online Reporting
  • Enables sending emails with larger attachment sizes
  • Paperlist bug fix from 9.2B
  • Bug fix from 9.2A which allows you to share assessment data that is older than the current academic year