Managing split class groups (COVID-19 Bubbles)

While the system is designed for each teacher to be responsible for one class group at a time, it is possible to have teachers manage sub-groups of those pupils as well. To do this, the only critical change is to ensure that the class selections are not committed until the last child has been allocated.


For each teacher that is making a selection for a pupil

  1. Log in to ParentPay using your teacher account
  2. For each class group that you have pupils you are making selections for
    • Select the Class / group from the drop-down
    • Select OK and OK again
    • Make the appropriate selections for each pupil
    • Once you have completed your choices for each pupil leave the class group by using the exit button
      WARNING Do not select confirm choices at this time unless you are the last teacher updating this class. Doing so will stop all other teachers updating this class.
    • Select the next class group and repeat the above actions.
  3. If you are the last teacher to be making selections for the class or group, you should now Confirm Choices.  This will submit the choices to the office and ensure they are all available to the reports that are given to the kitchen staff.
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