Classroom selection attendance report

This report provides a list of pupils who have made meal choices for the day selected. This is used to manually check the pupil’s attendance at lunchtime. Any changes to the pupil’s meal can then be edited on the system.

  1. Navigate to Attendance, meals & events
  2. Select Reports
  3. Select Classroom selection reports
  4. Select Classroom selection attendance report
  5. Set the Choose group This can be set to show all pupils by year, reg group, or sitting. Alternatively, individual years or registration groups can be viewed.
  6. Set the date to view in Choose date. This will default to the current date, but historic dates can also be selected.
  7. The pupils with non-school meals, the attendance column and the changes column checkboxes will always default to be unchecked. These options can be selected if required.
  8. Select Show report

The report can then be downloaded to Excel or printed, and the details provided to the kitchen.





Question: Some of the choices made in the classroom are not displayed in the report; why is this?

Answer: In almost all cases, this is the result of a manager making an amendment to the classes selections prior to the teacher confirming the data.  Only confirmed data is displayed in the reports, not autosaved data.

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