ScholarPack Meal Attendance

ScholarPack Meal Attendance


ScholarPack Meal Attendance allows schools that use the ScholarPack MIS to use their integrated meal solution with ParentPay.

  • New schools, or those that have no current meal solution, can request this to be enabled by the ParentPay support team at any time.
  • Schools that already have an existing solution will need to request a migration from their current solution and this will need to be planned in with the ParentPay technical solutions team, via a support request.


  • Student meals and prices must be set up in the ScholarPack MIS application – if you are unsure how to do this, please review the support material provided by Scholarpack here (steps 1 and 2 are needed for this integration)

Please note: Staff, Visitor, Other and Preadmission meals are NOT currently available within the ScholarPack Meal Attendance integration with ParentPay. Meals for these consumers must be set up in ParentPay and recorded on the Attendance screen as normal.


Please note: With this integration, ParentPay manage all balances and payments, while your ScholarPack meals setup handles the meal data (meals selected, choices available etc). As a consequence, the balances on ScholarPack are are not updated to, or by, ParentPay. You should not manage balances or debts within ScholarPack, indicated in the above documentation. This instead should be managed within ParentPay


  • In order for the ParentPay reports to process correctly, the academic years must be configured in ScholarPack in the following format (this page is available in ScholarPack from the Core Setup page then selecting the Years tab):

    Please note: Descriptions must not include the word 'Year' before the number to ensure all reports are able to process data correctly.

  • ScholarPack V2 API (or later) must be configured and in use for Pupil uploads into ParentPay.
  • A request must be submitted into the ParentPay Support team to have the integration enabled.  Please ensure that your meals and prices have been configured (above in pre-requisites) before requesting this.
    To activate this feature you will need to provide the following information:


    • Switchover date – any date from tomorrow that you would like to enable this facility (and disable any previous meal solution)
    • Payment item – the payment item in ParentPay associated with your meals

WARNING: Once the switchover date has passed the migration will be committed and it will not be possible to postpone the change.  To revert to the previous configuration, a full migration back to the initial setup will be required.

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