Printing Weekly Registers

Many schools frequently use the Register Report available within their ParentPay system. Schools will print the weekly registers in advance and classroom staff will use these to record pupil attendance and any meal requirements.

If schools are using automated patterns to record meals, these will be identified within the registers.

To print a weekly register go to Attendance, Meals & Events > Reports and select the Register report




  • Choose group 1: Pupil
  • Choose group 2: leave as All to print registers for all registration groups
  • Select the date of the first day of the week you want to produce registers for
  • Select the relevant school meal payment item
  • Select the relevant event time (ie Lunch)
  • Select an event type or leave as All
  • Select any additional information you would like to include
  • Click Show week register

Your register will be displayed on screen.



Please note: Pupils will patterns are shown with an asterisk against each day a pattern is scheduled for.


Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click the option to Print as PDF



Your registered will be produced in registration group order with one registration group per page.