How to manage your Simple Payment Page

The ParentPay Onboarding Team create a template Simple Payment Page for you to begin using with your payers.  Several options will be set to a default state but can be changed by the ParentPay support team should it be desired. 


Options include:

  • Changing the payment page title
  • Making ‘Child details’ optional
  • Changing the subheading ‘Year and Class’ to another of your choosing – this is especially useful if you have a particular use in mind for your shop that does not require child information such as lettings.


To review the manager user settings or make changes to the default configuration

  1. Log in to ParentPay as a Manager with overall rights
  2. Navigate to Settings > Shop Manager
  3. Select Edit next to your simple payment page.
    You will be presented with a summary of the information displayed on your simple payment page, along with the URL customers would use to find your site.

    NOTE: you will need to publish this link to your customers in order for them to make use of the page.  You can include this in any communications you send and we recommend publishing it on you school website for consistent access.  The URL will not change for the lifetime of the page.

  4. Select Edit shop details to make any of the following changes to your payment page:
    • The site description – this personalises your payment page making certain that customers know they are in the right place in addition to any specific instructions you may wish them to follow
    • The address – relevant if deliveries or attendance is required
    • Phone number – for calling the person or team who is responsible for dealing with payment page queries
    • Email address – for emailing the person or team who is responsible for dealing with payment page queries
    • School logo – for updating the logo displayed in the top left corner of your page
    • Site colour – for updating the colour accent used in banners and headers throughout the page
  5. Select Update to confirm any changes you have made
  6. You can Preview Shop to see how it will appear for your customers
  7. You can also use the Unpublish shop option to temporarily remove access to the page for your customers without removing it completely.  If you do this the page will appear to be unavailable when visited.

Once complete, your Simple Payment Page will look something like the following: