What is the Erudus integration?

Erudus is a market-leading source of accurate nutrition and allergy data that has been integrated with Cypad’s Kitchen Manager Stock Management feature. Stock items for integrated suppliers will have accurate nutritional and allergen data.

Cypad updates Erudus Integrated stock items at 6 pm every day ensuring the data recorded against each stock item is up to date.

How it works

The Erudus Integration is connected to the CYPAD Database Manager which declares a list of accredited suppliers from the Kitchen Manager Stock App who have an active API connection. The Erudus Integration then connects to the Customer Database to get a list of all the stock items for those accredited suppliers.


Once the Stock Items have been confirmed the Erudus Integration connects to the Erudus API to get the nutritional and allergen details for each stock item which is saved to the Customer Database.

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