Producing a Payment Report

Key Fields within the report

ParentPay generates reports both live on screen or in a file that opens in Excel. Below is a list of the key fields that can be reported on:




Authorised v Processed transactions

Authorised: The bank has allowed the payment to be accepted, the time/date recorded for this transaction will coincide with the time the parent made the payment

Processed: After midnight all Authorised payments are sent to the banking system to be settled. This time/date does not coincide with the time the transaction took place. All payments (provided there are no problems) in a processed batch will arrive in your bank about 3/4 days later, this will vary from bank to bank.

Running the Payment report

To access the Payment Report go to Payment items > Reports > Payment report




  • Select the relevant Payment Item or leave as All
  • Enter in a From date
  • Enter in a To date
  • Click Advanced Options




  • Select Payment Status Processed or Authorised
  • Select any of the additional options you would like included within the Payment Report
  • Click either Search, Open in Excel or Excel full report




The payment report will be displayed either on screen or within an Excel worksheet.




For a more in depth view of a payment click on the View receipt/ make refund icon on the right side of the screen.




The receipt will open providing further details on the transaction and providing you with the option to cancel or refund the payment should you need to.



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