Using the CMIS API to complete an upload

Login to (as an Overall manager)

  1. Navigate to People > Uploads
  2. Choose the upload type you wish to complete (pupil or staff)
  3. Import

You can view previous imports by selecting the Upload history tab on the left.


In the scenario where a specific pupil or staff member is affected by a fatal error causing the import to fail, the interface will display an explanation. This will include the name or identifier where available (ie. admission number/UPN for pupil, MIS ID for a staff member).

Below is a list of common fatal errors that are most likely to impact a CMIS upload:

Error message Error
Unable to connect to CMIS Server 0 Check the following:
  • Ensure the URL is correct and that there are no spaces at the end
  • Ensure you have added the ParentPay IP address to your CMIS API security configuration file separated by pipeline
  • [The IP address details are:|]
Timeout connecting to Facility
Server, Student import failed on
0 This error indicates that there has been a
timeout when attempting to import the pupil
data into ParentPay.
Duplicate data detected. The data
has not been modified since it was
last imported
0 There have been no changes in the data since
the last pupil or staff import
This will show as a failure.
could not be found
0 It is likely you have upgraded your version of
CMIS Facility. Advanced Learning advise the
following solution:
  1. Stop the ePortal and Dataserver services.
  2. Cut out 'API' folder (location: ePortal | Webapps)
  3. Start services
  4. API.war should now re-create an API folder
RequiredFieldMissing 6 Mandatory information is missing. Please correct
the information and re-attempt the upload.
FieldLengthError 17 This error will occur if a field, such as mobile
number, contains too many characters. For
mobile numbers, the length is 20 characters and
ParentPay will take the first ‘0’ and replace this
with +44
In this scenario, it will inform the user of the
number in question and the pupil’s admission
The mobile number field should only contain one
mobile number.
The numbers will need to be amended and
ePortal restarted before the import will work
successfully. The import will need to be
conducted on the following day.
WarnFSMAdjustmentsMade 10001 This occurs when an upload has already been
completed and the FSM dates differ to the
ones that already exist within ParentPay. This
is a non-critical error and the upload will still
be processed, but there will be a balance
adjustment with this error.
WarnFSMAdjustmentAffectedPupil 10002 This error would occur when a FSM period
already within ParentPay, differs to the FSM
period being imported, resulting in a balance
WarnFSMIgnoringStartAfterToday 10003 This error would occur when the FSM start
date is prior to the date of upload, so no
changes will be made.
WarnFSMIgnoringEndBeforeToday 10004 This error would occur when the FSM end
date is prior to the date of upload, so no
changes will be made.
WarnMissingFSMEnd 10006 Where there is no FSM end date specified,
ParentPay will substitute the end date with
WarnMobileNumberAltered 10012 Where a contact mobile contains an invalid or
irregular character, such as a full stop or a
hyphen, ParentPay will remove this and
concatenate the number.
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