How to set up the Bromcom MIS integration for uploading Pupils, Staff, and Pre-admissions

ParentPay provides a Bromcom MIS Integration for uploading people's data into the system. Once configured an upload of data can be carried out at any time without the need to produce manual upload files.

  This article will teach you...

How to set up Bromcom MIS Integration to enable the direct upload of pupils, staff and pre-admission pupils.


To use the Bromcom API to import pupil, pre-admission, and staff data into ParentPay the following requirements must be met:

Bromcom MIS

Bromcom management information system (MIS) must be used.

Universal Free School Meals
For Universal Free School Meals (UFSM) to function correctly, all affected year groups must be configured within the Bromcom MIS as follows:
  • Reception = R
  • Year 1 = 1
  • Year 2 = 2
This process must be completed for each year group impacted by UIFSM, if this has not been set up completely then UIFSM Pupils will be charged.
Web Service Account

A web service account must also be configured in Bromcom MIS, which will require the following:





Setting up the Bromcom API

Bromcom provides guidance for configuring the MIS to allow ParentPay to pull specific data directly from their system, once authorized.  

For more information on how to set it up specifically for a ParentPay integration please contact Bromcom.

*potential link to ParentPay provided guide*

Starting Integration Process

Please refer to the login details created within the Bromcom process.

To start the Bromcom integration process within ParentPay you must first email the support team. Depending on the status of your school it's important you follow one of these options:

Newly Integrated School

For new schools still in setup and waiting to go live, reply to your welcome email.

Existing ParentPay School

For existing schools, migrating to Bromcom from another system, email (from an existing ParentPay manager account.

Contacting ParentPay

Within the E-Mail, it's important to cover the following information so there is no delay in getting you setup:

E-Mail Subject

Subject must include a Request for Bromcom integration with ParentPay for uploads


You must provide the following information by E-Mail:

Main Content: Please configure our school site to be set up with the Bromcom MIS integration, allowing us to import Pupil/Staff/Preadmission* data into ParentPay.
(* delete where not applicable. If you have staff or preadmission data on ParentPay you should indicate that a data matching exercise will be necessary)

If a Data Matching Exercise is required please provide the following information:
Unique MIS Credentials for the Bromcom web serviceL

Username = [Enter the username configured for this service]

Password = [Enter the password configured for this service]

MIS OrgID = [A unique number provided by Bromcom for your school]

MIS URL = ‘’

Upon confirmation the E-Mail has reached our support team they will action the following changes to the School's MIS Settings:

MIS system = Bromcom

Upload source = Bromcom

Upload options = Pupil/Staff/Preadmission (* as appropriate)

MIS upload credentials

Username = [username provided above]

Change password = set to ticked

Password = [password provided above]

MIS OrgID = [MIS OrgID provided above]

MIS URL = [MIS URL provided above]

They will then attempt an initial pupil upload to confirm the systems are integrated successfully.

ParentPay Confirmation 

You will be notified to reply to your email with confirmation that the system is working along with the results of the upload, or you will receive a Notification that the upload has failed and how this might be corrected, where possible (e.g. MIS data, permission, etc.)