How to upload pupils, staff, and pre-admissions into ParentPay using the Bromcom MIS integration

People records must be uploaded regularly to keep your MIS and ParentPay data synchronised, especially when a pupil's free school meal allocation changes or as someone is starting at or leaving your school.
You can upload pupils, staff and pre-admission pupils using the integration detailed below however you will need to use the manual upload method for visitors or other records (where required)..

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How to use the integrated Bromcom solution to upload pupil, staff, and preadmission data into ParentPay.


IMPORTANT - Please do not finalise Admissions in Bromcom

Pre-admission pupils need to be on roll in Bromcom with a future start date. However you cannot 'Finalise' the preadmission pupils on Bromcom otherwise they will then become Pupils and are no longer classed as preadmissions. They will then only come across via a pupil upload on the start date listed in Bromcom.



The Bromcom MIS integration will need to be set up and configured before use.  This is often configured for pupils automatically during onboarding or a planned migration between MIS providers, though you will often need to request staff or pre-admissions to be added.
You will find full details on how to do this in the article How to set up the Bromcom MIS integration for uploading pupils, staff, and pre-admissions.


Uploading people to ParentPay

  1. Log in to the ParentPay Manager Application (using a manager account with Overall permissions)
  2. Navigate to People > Uploads
  3. From the Bromcom upload tab, select the group you wish to upload (pupil/staff/preadmission)
    NOTE: Staff and Pre-admissions may not be enabled by default if you have migrated from another upload system.  A data-matching exercise will need to be completed before these options can be enabled. Please contact the support team if this is required.
    Row 9 Image 1.png
  4. Select the relevant import and click Upload
  5. The upload will be added to a queue which normally completes within 2 minutes.  If required you can navigate away from this screen and the process will continue in the background or continue to wait until completed:
    • QUEUED:
      Row 9 Image 2.png
      Row 9 Image 4.pngRow 9 Image 3.png
  6. All uploads, successful and in progress, can be viewed on the Upload history tab. If you are waiting on a queued upload you can check the status here.
    Row 9 Image 4.png


You can add Visitors and Others to your ParentPay system? Teachers, governors, PTA members, external students, or any other individual can be uploaded, allowing them to buy meals or pay for items or services you offer.
For more information on how to do this, check out our article here.

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