How to upload Subject Groups from SIMS

You may wish to upload the subject groups you have configured in SIMS into ParentPay to then use them for assigning pupils to payment items or filter searches..

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How to import subject groups from SIMS into ParentPay.


To upload subject groups from SIMS you will need to have installed the ParentPaySubjectGroups.RptDef file installed on your SIMS server (see below).

Installing the ParentPaySubjectGroups.RptDef file

  1. Download a copy of the ParentPaySubjectGroups.RptDef SIMS report (attached to the bottom of this article) and save it to a place you can connect to from your SIMS server.
  2. In SIMS, navigate to Reports > Importmceclip0.png
  3. Select Open and browse to the saved copy of ParentPaySubjectGroups.RptDefmceclip1.png


    You will find a downloadable copy of the ParentPaySubjectGroups.RptDef file at the bottom of this article.

  4. Select the report and press Open.mceclip2.png
  5. Select Import.
  6. The status should then change to Imported.mceclip3.png

Exporting subject groups from SIMS

  1. Within SIMS, navigate to Reports > Run Reportmceclip4.png
  2. Select Focus > Studentmceclip5.png
  3. The reports will be in alphabetic order. The one you are looking for is called ‘ParentPaySubjectGroups’.
  4. Double-click on the report to run it.mceclip6.png
  5. Select XML and press OKmceclip7.png
  6. You will see the following success message detailing where the report has been saved to.mceclip8.png

Importing subject groups into ParentPay

  1. From within ParentPay navigate to People > Manual upload
  2. From the Choose pupil file option, select BrowseThe file will be saved to the location your SIMS reports export to. This can differ from school to school, commonly C:\Program Files (x86)\SIMS\SIMS .net
  3. Double-click the file is named SubjectGroups.mceclip10.png
  4. Select Upload.

  5. The screen will confirm how many groups have been added.Row 8 Image 13.png
  6. The imported groups can now be seen in your Group filter options and when allocating Payment Items to pupils.
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