Configuring the Arbor API

A school must give ParentPay permission to access their data from within Arbor. A request can be sent to the school allowing them to approve or decline.

Please note: The school can revoke an approved status at any time.  Once configured approval status can be checked within the Arbor portal

Any school that starts with ParentPay that has Arbor MIS will be configured during setup.

Schools that migrate to Arbor after setup that wish to use this integration will need to submit a request to the ParentPay service desk.  Please log a support ticket requesting that the Arbor integration be set up for your school.  An approval request will then be sent to you to complete the setup.

  1. Existing ParentPay schools migrating from another MIS
    • Arrange for the integration to be configured
  2. New schools joining ParentPay
    • The Arbor API will be configured by the onboarding team during your setup