Configuring the CMIS API



To use the CMIS API to upload data into ParentPay, you must meet the following requirements:

  • The import is only available to schools using CMIS Facility ePortal Version 13.3 or later.
  • The CMIS ePortal must have an exposed web service.
  • The ParentPay IP address range must be added to the permissible range in your CMIS security configuration (below).
  • If staff data is being imported the Staff ID’s must be unique.  Duplications will result in a GDPR breach.

If you are migrating from another MIS you must contact ParentPay to complete a data matching exercise before your first upload using the CMIS API.


Conditions and limitations


  • Any leading zeros in admission numbers are stripped upon import. If existing schools have Pupil ID’s presently uploaded that include leading zeros they will need to contact the ParentPay Support Team for assistance before attempting an upload
  • The initial upload may fail with an error message Bad data. This normally represents longer than expected text in a mobile number field. The data will need to be amended within CMIS and the ePortal restarted. A successful import can then be processed the following day.
  • The import will use Preferred forename and surname from CMIS. If Preferred is unavailable, the Legal forename and surname will be used. During subsequent uploads, any updated Preferred names will overwrite existing Legal names.
  • Pupils receiving Universal Infant Free School Meals must be in year groups R, 1 and 2.
  • FSM end dates are currently substituted with 01/01/2100.
  • The CMIS API does not support pre-admissions imports – these must be completed manually.
  • The CMIS API does not currently contain dietary information in the imported records.
  • If any changes are made in ePortal it will need to be restarted and an import conducted the following day.
  • Once successfully configured, imports should be completed regularly in order to avoid balance adjustments.



  1. Send ParentPay the URL for your exposed ePortal web service. This will be in the format:
  2. Add the ParentPay IP address range to your CMIS API security configuration file. You can locate this file at the following path: \Facility\ePortal\conf\Catalina\localhost\
    The required amendments are as follows:

  3. Restart the CMIS ePortal.

Once complete you should contact the ParentPay support team who will be able to confirm if the above actions have been successfully implemented.

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