Configuring Groupcall Xporter

How to set up Groupcall Xporter for MIS people data upload

A school must give permission within Groupcall Xporter for MIS data to be shared with ParentPay. This permission is then instigated from within ParentPay once the internal configuration has been completed.  New schools that request this integration as part of their setup, or schools that are managed as part of a migration project, will have this first step completed for them.  Other schools wishing to migrate from their current upload to using Groupcall Xporter will need to confirm that they meet the requirements for Groupcall imports and then contact the service team to arrange the initial configuration.


Once the initial configuration has been completed by ParentPay, complete the following steps:

  1. Log in to the Manager Application (using a manager account with Overall permissions)
  2. Navigate to People > Uploads
    You will see that the import method now states Groupcall import and all options are unavailable.  This is because the data-sharing agreement has not yet been authorised, as indicated by the Warning message.
  3. Navigate to Groupcall MIS authorisation on the left side menu.
  4. Read the Warning and Information messages and, if you wish to continue, complete the form by entering the contact details of someone that can authorise the data-sharing within the Groupcall Xporter application. This may be a member of the admin team within the school or an IT team that may do this on your behalf.
  5. Once the form is complete, select the Send email invitation button. This will send an email from Groupcall (not ParentPay) to the listed contact for them to process. The Groupcall MIS authorisation screen will also update with the previous Warning message being replaced with an Information – Action required message, which will remain until either the authorization is complete or the invitation expires (approximately 5 days after sending).
  6. The email will appear as below and the Groupcall authorised user will need to select the Begin Authorisation button to complete the process. 
  7. This will open the Groupcall portal and provide a list of milestones that need completing in that system to complete the authorisation.

    Please note: A school manager can revoke a data-sharing authorisation at any time from the Groupcall MIS authorisation tab (see below).

  8. Upon successfully completing steps 6 and 7 above, upon returning to ParentPay and navigating to People > Uploads, you will see that the message has been removed and that the import options are now available in the Groupcall import tab (default tab from the left side menu).By default, Import Pupil data is enabled however, if staff and pre-admissions are required, please ensure you notify ParentPay support as a data matching exercise may be required before this is enabled.
  9. To revoke access to the MIS data through Groupcall Xporter, a manager can navigate to Groupcall MIS authorisation and use the Revoke access button.
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