Setting up the RM Integris Datashare

RM Integris provide a centrally hosted system for their MIS. In order to set up the integration (API), schools must complete a Datashare agreement within the RM Integris product, which will provide the necessary consent to share relevant data with ParentPay. Once complete, ParentPay will be able to configure the school to use the API within the ParentPay application to upload pupil and staff data.

  1. Log into the RM Integris system, and select the zigzag icon at the top of the screen
    Please note: The RM Datashare agreement can only be completed by someone with Admin permissions in RM Integris
  1. Navigate to System management > RM Integris Datashare
  2. Locate and select the ParentPay tile
  3. Review the list of data that will be shared with ParentPay
  4. Select Grant Access
  5. Review the Terms and Conditions in the popup window
  6. Select the checkbox
  7. Select Confirm

A notification will then be displayed confirming the agreement.

Please note: Additional guidance on completing this process is available on the RM support site at the following address:

IMPORTANT: Should you require any help with completing the RM Datashare, you will need to contact RM using your normal support process.

Enabling the RM Integris API

Once the RM Datashare agreement is complete, a request must be submitted to the ParentPay Support Team to enable the interface. The interface will be configured for the school and a test pupil upload will be attempted to ensure that the integration has been successful. The school will be contacted either with a success notification or advice that an issue has occurred with the configuration of the RM Datashare, requesting that you contact RM in order to resolve this.