Uploading data using the ScholarPack integration

To upload pupil, staff and pre-admission information via the integrated ScholarPack facility:

  1. Log in to your ParentPay Manager Application (as an overall manager)
  2. Navigate to People > Uploads
  3. Ensure you are on the ScholarPack upload tab
  4. Select which type of upload you wish to perform
    • Pupil
    • Staff
    • Pre-admission
  5. Select Import

The upload will join a queue and will be processed when possible (in most cases this will appear instant but during peak periods this may take longer).

A processing message is presented



Please note: It is possible to leave this screen and return to the Upload history page at a later time to check the status.


Once complete a message will be presented detailing the results

  • Success – a green banner with a table detailing the records that have been updated.
  • Failure – a red banner providing an explanation of the cause of the failure and actions where appropriate

Please note: Historical uploads can be reviewed at any time from the Upload history tab at any time.




Select the status icon or View details for a summary of an individual upload