Uploading data using the ScholarPack integration

Pupils records must be uploaded regularly to keep your MIS and ParentPay data synchronised. Where appropriate, you may also upload staff, visitors, pre-admissions, or others as you require.  
Uploads should be carried out regularly to ensure the data is kept up to date.  This is critical where a Free School Meal status has changed or when a person needs to be added or removed from the system.
The Arbor MIS integration provides a direct link between the systems, enabling pupil, staff, and pre-admission uploads directly from that system.

  This article will teach you...

How to use the integrated ScholarPack solution to upload pupil, staff, and pre-admission data into ParentPay.


Staff and pre-admissions may not be enabled by default if you have migrated from another upload system.  A data-matching exercise will need to be completed before these options can be enabled. Please contact the support team if this is required.

How to upload

To upload pupil, staff and pre-admission information via the integrated ScholarPack facility:

  1. Log in to your ParentPay Manager Application (as an overall manager)
  2. Navigate to People > Uploads
  3. Ensure you are on the ScholarPack upload tab
    Row 15 Image 1.png
  4. Select which type of upload you wish to perform
    • Pupil
    • Staff
    • Pre-admission
  5. Select Upload

The upload will join a queue and will be processed when possible (in most cases this will appear instant but during peak periods this may take longer).

A processing message is presentedRow 15 Image 2.png


Please note: It is possible to leave this screen and return to the Upload history page at a later time to check the status.

Once complete a message will be presented detailing the results

  • Success – a green banner with a table detailing the records that have been updated.Row 15 Image 3.png  
  • Failure – a red banner explaining the cause of the failure and actions where appropriate
    Row 15 Image 4.png

Please note: Historical uploads can be reviewed at any time from the Upload history tab at any time.

Row 15 Image 5.png

Select the status icon or View details for a summary of an individual upload

Row 15 Image 6.png

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