Configuring the Teacher Centre API

To configure the Teacher Centre MIS API

Contact ParentPay to request that the Teacher Centre API is configured, providing the MIS OrgID and MIS URL

Please note: For new schools this will be configured during site setup.


  1. ParentPay will configure the following fields for the site:
    • MIS System = Teacher Centre
    • Upload Source = Teacher Centre
    • MIS OrgID = [As provided]
    • MIS URL = [As provided]
  2. ParentPay will complete an initial import to verify the setup
  3. ParentPay will contact the school
    • [Success] Configuration is now complete and all future pupil, staff and pre-admission uploads can be undertaken using the integrated model.
    • [Failure] An issue occurred with the setup.  The above fields should be checked and data issues investigated and resolved.  If no satisfactory outcome can be reached, Teacher Centre support may need to be contacted to resolve the issue.
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