Uploading MIS data using Groupcall Xporter

How to use Groupcall Xporter for MIS people data upload


Once the configuration is complete and the systems are authorised to share data, managers can upload their people data into ParentPay

  1. Log in to the Manager Application (using a manager account with Overall permissions)
  2. Navigate to People > Uploads
  3. From the Groupcall import tab in the left side menu, select the group you wish to upload
    NOTE: Staff and pre-admissions may not be enabled by default if you have migrated from another upload system.  A data matching exercise will need to be completed before these options can be enabled.
  4. Select the Import button
  5. The upload will be added to the queue to be implemented overnight.  The Groupcall process invokes at midnight so all new uploads will be visible from the following morning.  
  6. All uploads, successful and in progress, can be viewed on the Upload history tab, from the left sidebar. If you are waiting on a queued upload you can check the status here.