Configuring the Cloud School API

Setting up the API user account in Cloud School


Please note: The only user role that can be used to create API access in Cloud School is School Administrator.

  1. Log into Cloud School as a School Administrator
  2. Navigate to System > Web API V2 > Manage Companies Access
  3. Select the + to add a new record
  4. Select ParentPay from the Company Name drop-down
  5. Enter a username in the following format:
    • PP[DFE/SEED/Library Board]
    • e.g. PP9251236.

This username is used by ParentPay to connect to the Cloud School API to extract pupil and staff data. If the correct details are not provided it will not be possible to complete the integration.


As ParentPay will only be receiving from, not sending data to, Cloud School, none of the Modify options should be selected

  1. Select the Save icon
  2. The ParentPay entry will then be added to the list

A secure email will then be sent to ParentPay containing the username and a password. ParentPay will complete the integration process, and will then contact the school to confirm this has been completed.


Cloud School's illustrated guidance for completing this process can be accessed from the link below (you will need a login to the Advanced Customer Support Portal is required to access this guidance).  Note, you must use the username convention in step 5 above above otherwise the integration will fail.