Configuring permissions in ScholarPack

To enable ParentPay to pull the relevant pupil data into the system, you first have to authorise the integration within ScholarPack.  

For the latest instructions on how to achieve this, please navigate to the ScholarPack support site and search for API Integration or use this link

  1. Log in to ScholarPack
  2. From the home page, select the Admin top menu icon
  3. From the pop up select the Config icon
  4. From the new page select the API Configuration icon
  5. Find ParentPay on the available Companies and then use the Enable API Access button.
    NOTE You can revoke this again at any time from this screen.
  6. The ParentPay line will now show the options below
  7. In the top right of the page you will now have a link you will need for the next step of the integration, on the ParentPay platform. Use the Click to copy to clipboard link when you need to enter this in the next section