How to install MIS Sync for manual uploads

There are two methods for installing MIS Sync:

  1. New install
  2. Re-install (over a previous install)

How to perform a new install and configure it for use

New installations are for where no previous version of the application has been installed, for instance on a new server.


If you wish to connect to a Hosted SIMS server, MIS Sync must be installed on the server itself, not locally. Please consult your provider to assist with this installation.

  1. Ensure that you have downloaded the latest version of MIS Sync, see article How to get the latest version of MIS Sync for more information.


    This may require administrative credentials and should only be completed by a suitably qualified person, such as an IT Technician.

  2. Once downloaded, open the zip file and launch the setup.exe file to begin the installation.
  3. Follow the instructions on the setup wizard. Once completed, the program will automatically launch.
  4. Ensure the Live option is selected
  5. Enter an appropriate ParentPay Username and Password 


    The ParentPay account used must be assigned the Overall role and have been activated. We strongly suggest a dedicated account is set up in the Manager Application for this purpose to avoid loss of functionality upon a staff member leaving.

  6. Enter the Organisation ID


    This is the same as the School ID displayed in the top right-hand corner of the Manager Application:

  7. Set the drop-down menu to 
    • SIMS if you are using SIMS as your MIS provider, or 
    • Other if you are using another MIS provider
  8. (OPTIONAL) If you have a proxy server in place at your school, enter the details in the Proxy Server tab.  You may need to consult your IT Provider to determine these details.
  9. Select Continue

How to re-install over an existing setup

At times, you may be asked to reinstall the MIS Sync application, to ensure that it protects from security threats, or to introduce new fields or functionality.

To reinstall the following should be considered:

  • You need to identify the location of the current installation (re-installation must be over the existing application rather than a fresh installation).
  • You will need administrative access to the server or workstation that the application is installed on.  For this reason, it is normally the function of your IT maintenance provider to complete this activity.
  • You should not need to provide any additional credentials or make any changes to the configuration.
  1. Download the latest version of MIS Sync, see article, How to get the latest version of MIS Sync for more information.
  2. Once downloaded, open the zip file and launch the setup.exe file to install the application.
  3. Follow the on-screen setup instructions, ensuring that the installation location is the same as the currently installed copy.


    Depending on your setup, you may receive a warning from your antivirus protection software when installing the application.  This is not uncommon but you should double-check that you have correctly downloaded the file using the above process and not from some other source.

  4. Once complete, the application will launch with the previously configured credentials.  If no credentials are presented you will need to proceed as if it were a new installation and complete setup and configuration as above.
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