New ParentPay schools using RM Integris

In order to use the centrally hosted integration, schools must complete a datashare agreement within the RM Integris system which will give consent to share pupil and staff data with ParentPay.

Instructions on how to complete the datashare agreement can be found here:

Once the agreement has been completed, schools should inform the Onboarding Team by emailing The Implementation Team will then be able to complete the integration process, and the pupil data can be uploaded to ParentPay

Please note: The datashare agreement can only be completed by someone with Admin permissions in RM Integris.


Completing a pupil/staff upload


Once the Implementation team have confirmed that the integration with RM Integris has been completed, the pupils and staff can be uploaded.

  • Navigate to and log in
  • Navigate to People > Uploads
  • Select either Import pupil data or Import staff data
  • Select Import


The upload will then process. This may take some time, and the upload will continue to process while other tasks are completed on the ParentPay system. The progress/results of the upload can be checked at any time by navigating to People > Uploads > Upload history.

All uploads will be listed with a status icon to indicate whether the upload failed, or successfully processed.

To review the details of the upload, or to review any errors that may have caused the upload to fail, select the status icon on the left side.


Most upload messages will contain warnings. These usually indicate changes to Free School Meal entitlement, or changes to the imported mobile phone number. If the upload fails, an error message will be displayed outlining the cause for the failure.

Most errors will need to be corrected in RM Integris, but some may require intervention from ParentPay support.

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