How to use MIS Sync with SIMS MIS

For information on downloading and installing the MIS Sync application please see articles:

Downloading the MIS Sync application

How to install MIS Sync

Connecting MIS Sync to SIMS

When first logging in a message is displayed stating, ‘Could not locate SIMS with your current settings’ in the Connections box. The connection must be established to the SIMS database before an upload can be completed using the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to Tools > Settings.

  2. Select the SIMS tab.

  3. Enter a SIMS username and password into the MIS Username and MIS Password fields (these SIMS credentials must have full administrator rights and have 3rd party reporting enabled in SIMS) . Please note: The maximum length of the MIS Password is 30 characters.
  4. Either
    1. If you are using MIS Sync to connect to a single database (typical setup for most schools) proceed to step 5.
    2. If you have a multi-database setup in SIMS (typically used with groups of schools) please fill out the following additional fields:
      • Server name = servername\instance
      • Database name = database
        (These values can be found in your SIMS installation’s connect.ini file, located in the SIMS .NET folder)
  1. Populate the SIMS Location field by selecting the ‘yellow folder’ icon.

  2. Select Test these settings.
  3. A message will be displayed showing whether the connection was successful.
  4. Either
    1. If the connection was unsuccessful
      • Check the MIS username and MIS password credentials have been entered correctly.
      • Check that the correct SIMS permissions and rights have been allocated to the account being used.
      • Check that the auto-populated SIMS location information is correct for your instance.
        (You may need to consult your IT provider to confirm these details).
    2. If the connection was successful
      1. Select OK to close the message
      2. Select Save at the bottom of the tab.
  5. Select the Connections tab
  6. Enter the Notification email
  7. Ensure that the two Receive email… options are ticked.

  8. Select Save
  9. Select the Auto update tab
  10. Ensure that the Check for updates at startup tick box is not ticked.

  11. Select Save
  12. Restart MIS Sync
  13. Ensure that the following messages are present in the Connections box:
    A connection to ParentPay was established with these settings. Your username and password were correctly authenticated.
    Successfully connected to SIMS.