Uploading additional staff/visitor accounts to ParentPay

Any new staff members of visitors can be added to the ParentPay system using MIS Sync. Currently, any  changes to the staff and visitor details (such as changing a name due to marriage) will need to be completed by the ParentPay support team.

WARNING: When adding new staff or visitors, you must also include any staff or visitors who are already on the ParentPay system in the upload.

If only the new members of staff or visitor records are processed in the upload, any records already held on the ParentPay system will be overwritten and archived. This will then prevent current staff or visitors from accessing their ParentPay account.

  1. Open the MIS Sync program and log in
  2. Select Staff > Manage data or Visitors > Manage data
  3. Select Import.
  4. You will receive a message stating how many existing records have been imported
  5. Select OK. The Manage tab will be opened, and all staff or visitors currently held in the ParentPay system will be displayed. You can then add, amend, or delete records here
  6. Select Save
  7. The upload tab will open. Ensure the Export to option is set to ParentPay Web Site, and select Export
  8. The data upload will then process. If it is successful, a message reading Succeeded will be displayed.
  9. These records will have been sent directly to your ParentPay website and the staff/visitor details can be viewed in People > Pupils and Staff by changing the Group 1 drop down menu to Staff or Visitors.
  10. Activation letters can then be created for the staff members or visitors added to the site.