What do I do if a Students' Allergy is not in the list of 14 allergies?

NOTE  Student’s must have their allergies recorded in the Allergies tab. If the Enable Allergy Requests function has been enabled for Parents to send allergy or dietary restrictions to the school, the School admin will not be able to edit the Allergies tab.

For Meal Selection users, got to Payments > Students...
For Meal Manager users, go to Meals > Students...

Open the Classes collapsible menu [1], select the Class [2] the student is in and select the Student [3] from the list to open the Edit Student window and go to the Allergies tab [4] and select the Other [5] check box from the List of 14 allergies.


Go to the Diet Notes tab [6] and enter the food’s the student is allergic to in the Text box [7] (e.g. Bananas) and click Save [8].


When using the Other option for Allergies and adding allergen details to the Diet Notes this will not restrict the food item from the student's meal selection options, when using this option it is recommended to assign the student a menu template in the Student Tab, refer to How do I make an Allergy safe Menu?