How to add or edit a Students' Allergy details?

Students can be prevented from selecting meals that do not meet their allergy or dietary restrictions on all meal ordering platforms by making use of the Allergy safety features. 

This article will teach you to how to find a Student's details and edit their Allergies details as well as recording an allergy that isn't in the list of 14 most common allergies.

IMPORTANT  If the Enable Allergy Requests function has been enabled for Parents to send allergy or dietary restrictions to the school, the School admin will not be able to edit the Allergies tab.

For Meal Selection users, go to Payments > Students...
For Meal Manager users, go to Meals > Students...

  1. If you know the full name of the student use the Search bar, if you don't know their full name follow steps 2 & 3
  2. Open the Classes collapsible menu
  3. Select the Class the student is in
  4. Select the Student from the list to open the Edit Student window.
  5. In the Allergies tab select the appropriate check boxes from the List of 14 allergies
    • If the allergen isn't in the list click the Other checkbox
    • In the Diet notes tab record the allergens (i.e. Allergic to bananas) 
  6. Click Save