Meals - Assigning Menu Templates to a Student

Individual menu templates can be assigned to students who may require different menu choices compared to the school menu template, for example they can be used to ensure that menu items choices are displayed in alignment with their allergy and dietary requirements.

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How to assign a  menu Template to a student.

Classic User Interface Guidance

Classic User Interface Guidance

Navigate to Payments > Students.

Open the Student Details Tab [1].

Students with allergies will need to have the Special Type [2] and the Menu Template [3] will need to be set to the Relevant Allergy Specific Student Menu from the dropdown box. 

Click Save [4].


When a Student Menu template is assigned to the Student details it will override any Theme Day menus applied globally by the admin user.

Assigning a Student Template


If you're assigning a menu template to a student with specific allergies and dietary requirements the following process can only be completed after the information has been recorded, please see the following article for more information.

  1. Navigate to Meals > Meals.
  2. If required, select a Site [1] from the navigation tree.
    1. Selecting Site.png
  3. Locate and click on the Relevant Student [2].
    2. Student.png
  4. Open the Details Tab [3].
    3. Details Tab.png
  5. Set the Created Menu Template [4] using the dropdown.
    4. Special Status.png
  6. Click Save [5].
    7. Save.png
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