Approving Individual Staff Timesheets

Go to Staff > Timesheets > Site [1] and apply the relevant filters.


On the timesheet grid, click on the checkboxes in the Approved [2] column to automatically approve the relevant timesheet records. The name of the approver will be recorded in the Approver [3] column.

NOTE Checkboxes for timesheet records which are not eligible for approval are unchecked and greyed out.

If a timesheet record contains a split shift, when clicking on the checkbox in the Approved [1] column, a popup window will appear showing all Shift timesheet records [2] and the Shift Approver [3] column.


The user can approve one or more of the shift records then click Save [4] to complete the action. The name of the shift approver will appear in the Shift approver column.

NOTE If any shift record is not approved, on the main timesheet grid the Approved and Approver column will remain unticked.