Low balance notifications

The introduction of automatic low balance notifications means that Schoolcomms automatically reminds those whose Dinner Money Balance has fallen below a specified amount, to top up.

To turn on Automatic Notifications please follow the below instructions:

  • When creating a Dinner Money or Club payment request within the Create Payment Request screen, there is a section for automatic notifications.
  • Tick the checkbox to display an amount field and the notification content.
  • Type an amount in the ‘When the balance falls below’ box (if the low balance notification is set to zero, it will only target pupils that are in debt).


  • The notification content is for information purposes only and cannot be amended
  • Complete the Payment Request and click Save


How to configure the notification send route

  • On the Payment Settings screen, click Notification Settings within the left-hand menu
  • Select whether you are happy for notifications to be sent via Text message, App message or both



Low Balance notification FAQ

  • Notifications are sent to prime parents and staff self-contacts (if the payment request requires consent, it will only go to parents with parental responsibility).
  • Notifications are sent once per day (between 08:00 and 20:00).
  • FSM students are excluded from the notifications, providing a current FSM eligibility period has been imported from section 6 of SIMS.
  • UIFSM students are not excluded, so these students should not be included in the payment request.
  • For SIMS Dinner Money, even if a child only has packed lunches (and is not FSM), if their balance is below the threshold, the parent will still be sent a notification as the packed lunch meal is still counted as a transaction.
  • Notifications won’t appear in the school’s Sent Items folder; however, they can be seen in a report via Management Reports (web version) > Messaging > App and SMS messages sent about students in the past month. Click here for information to assist you with this.


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