I am changing from SIMS to a new MIS what happens? (Arbor/ScholarPack/Bromcom)

When you change from SIMS to a different MIS we need to create a new Schoolcomms account for you.

This means:

  • You will have new log-in details for Schoolcomms.
  • With the new account you only need to access via the web version of Schoolcomms: https://app.schoolcomms.com/
  • The desktop version is no longer needed.
  • You will have a new inbound number, which will need to be communicated to parents.
  • After the first import has successfully completed the contacts with an existing School Gateway account will temporarily see the two accounts on School Gateway until the old account is disabled.
  • Staff members are unable to see two schools on the same School Gateway account so until the old account has been disabled staff members won't see the new Schoolcomms account.