How to schedule a message via the desktop application

Please note: It is not currently possible to schedule SIMS reports to 'Send Later' or 'Send and Log'.

  • Click on Messaging
  • Select either Text or Email
  • Add the recipients and compose the message
  • Click on Send Later
  • Input the Date and Time required and click on Confirm

To view Scheduled Messages in desktop, the date range in Sent Items needs to cover the date the message was created, rather than the date it is scheduled to be sent. Scheduled messages will always show at the top of the list so even if you do have to extend the date range, you won’t need to scroll through the list of messages to find them.

  • Click on Messaging
  • Click on Sent Items
  • Amend the date range to cover the date the message was created
  • Click on the message you would like to view

When you have selected the message, the content will become visible in the main content field, and you will have the ability to cancel the message by clicking on the Cancel Scheduled.

Please note: only the creator of the scheduled message can cancel the scheduled message

Alternatively, Messaging on the Web has its own dedicated scheduled folder and shows all scheduled messages regardless of date.

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