Displaying Timetables in School Gateway

If you have our Online Reporting licence, you can display the next 10 school days SIMS timetable in School Gateway.

  • Log into the desktop version of Schoolcomms
  • Click on Online Reporting
  • Click on the tab for Timetables and tick the required box i.e., Students, Parents
  • Click Save


You must run your import daily to ensure the timetable is up to date

Why can’t parents see a timetable

  • Please check if the parents have Parental Responsibility in SIMS
  • Please check that your Schoolcomms import has been run successfully since any changes were made to SIMS
    If the SIMS import is failing in Insufficient SIMS Permission, make sure the user running the import has Third Party Reporter Checked
  • In SIMS make sure the timetable has been applied correctly
  • If the academic year selected for the new timetable in SIMS is the next academic year, then the timetable won't be visible in School Gateway until the new academic year is reached.
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