Manually add a school member that is not in SIMS

Sometimes you may need to contact people who don’t appear within your SIMS database.

Adding a new Member

Click School Members and Groups>Manage School Members>Add Member


  • Enter the details for your new school member and click OK.
  • This member will be added to your list of members, but they will not have any contact details against them.
  • Search the member you have just added and click on the linked People icon


  • Click on NEW


  • Add the relationship to the school member e.g., Prime Parent/Non-Prime Parent and choose if the parent has Parental Responsibility. Please note without Parental Responsibility they will be unable to give consent or book clubs. 
  • Add the email address and mobile number and chose if you want to send a confirmation email or text to let them know. Click OK.


Editing an Existing Member

You can edit any members created in Schoolcomms by selecting the member then clicking Edit.

Deleting a Member

You can delete any member created in Schoolcomms by selecting the member then clicking Delete.


The member will be permanently deleted and removed from the member list.