What are the 14 most common Allergies?

On Cypad we have options to record allergy details for the 14 most common forms of allergies.

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The 14 most common allergies and which products fall under the respective allergies.

  • Celery: including celery stalks, leaves and seeds and celeriac, in soups, salads, celery salt, and some meat products
  • Cereals containing gluten: such as wheat, rye and barley and foods containing flour, such as bread, pasta, cakes, pastry, meat products, sauces, soups, batter, stock cubes, breadcrumbs, and foods dusted with flour
  • Crustacea: such as prawns, lobster, scampi, crab, and shrimp paste
  • Eggs: In cakes, mousses, sauces, pasta, quiche, some meat products, mayonnaise, foods brushed with egg
  • Fish: in some dressings, pizza, relishes, fish sauce and some soy and Worcestershire sauces
  • Lupin: Lupin seeds and flour in some types of bread and pastries 
  • Milk: in yoghurt, cream, cheese, butter, milk powders, and foods glazed with milk
  • Molluscs: such as mussels, whelks, squid, land snails, and oyster sauce
  • Mustard: including liquid mustard, mustard powder and mustard seeds in salad dressings, marinades, soups, sauces, curries, and meat products
  • Nuts: in sauces, desserts, crackers, bread, ice cream, marzipan, ground almonds, and nut oils
  • Peanuts: in sauces, cakes, desserts, groundnut oil, and peanut flour
  • Sesame seeds: in bread, breadsticks, tahini, hummus, and sesame oil
  • Soya: in tofu or beancurd, soya flour and textured soya protein, in some ice cream, sauces, desserts, meat products, and vegetarian products
  • Sulphur Dioxide: in meat products, fruit juice drinks, dried fruit and vegetables, wine, and beer
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