How do I manually add a school member that is not in our MIS?

Sometimes you may need to add members direct in Schoolcomms who don’t appear within your MIS database.

To add a member: 

  • Click on Dashboard
  • Click on Add a member

  • Input their name 
  • Select the required role
  • If adding a pupil add their registration and year
  • Then save


This member will be added to your list of members, but they will not have any contact details against them.

  • Click on Add Linked Person to add the contact details for this new member.



  • Add the relationship to the school member e.g. Prime Parent/Non-Prime Parent.
  • If Prime Parent/Parent is selected, you can tick to apply Parental Responsibility (Parental Responsibility is needed for parents to be able to give consent, view online reporting information, see balances and make bookings on School Gateway)

Add Linked Person _ Schoolcomms.png

  • Add the email address and mobile number and choose if you want to send a confirmation email or text to let them know.
  • Click Save.
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