Reporting Integration

VeriCool-Cypad Reporting Integration

  • Data is pulled via the integration daily at 5pm;
    • There may be a 24-hour delay when reconciling reports between VeriCool and Cypad
  • If a student’s Class/Year details change, these will be automatically updated by Cypad
  • If a PLU code (menu item ID) is received by Cypad that does not match an existing menu item in Cypad, a new menu item will be created
  • If no PLU code (menu item ID) is received by Cypad, a new menu item will be created
  • If a PLU code (menu item ID) is received by Cypad that matches an existing menu item in Cypad, the menu item will NOT be updated (i.e., menu item name and other menu item attributes will remain the same) – this is because PLU codes received from VeriCool may not be unique; it is therefore imperative PLU Codes generated in VeriCool are checked periodically for duplicates to ensure menu items are being recorded correctly in Cypad.
  • If no item category has been specified for Lunch sessions in VeriCool, the menu type in Cypad will be defaulted to ‘Main’
  • If no item category has been specified for Break or Breakfast sessions in VeriCool, the menu type in Cypad will be defaulted to ‘Other’
  • For VeriCool integrated sites the following actions are disabled for all users in Cypad:
    • The ability to mark pre-orders
    • The ability to mark past transactions
    • The ability to manage add ad-hock payments
    • The ability to void transactions
    • The ability to alter student information, including assigning a student template
    • The ability to set menu item prices by year
    • The ability to configure parameters for parent pre-orders, classroom pre-orders, manager app pre-orders and tablet meal confirmations
  • The following parameters must be set within the VeriCool system:
    • FSM Allowance Amount
    • Additional Allowance Amount (will be classified with FSM Allowance Amount when received by Cypad)
    • Duty Allowance Amount
    • FSM applicability for menu items/sessions

Data Import

These are the fields that will be pulled through from the VeriCool integration.

Student Fields

  • First Name
  • Surname
  • Class
  • Year
  • FSM status
  • UIFSM status
  • External ID
  • Initial Balance – determined based on the first transaction received for the student (i.e. meal price + closing balance)
  • Payer Type – (i.e., Student, Staff, Employee Discount, Other)
  • Student Status - Open / Closed

Transaction Fields

  • External ID of Payer
  • Transaction amount
  • Balance after transaction
  • FSM allowance amount
  • FSM status of the transaction
  • UIFSM status of the transaction
  • Duty Meal status of the transaction
  • Date and Time of transaction
  • Transaction ID
  • Transaction type (i.e. payment or refund)
  • Session Category (i.e. Lunch, Break, Breakfast)
  • Item Category (i.e. Main, Vegetables, Dessert, Drink, Other)
  • PLU Code (Menu Item ID)
  • Menu Item Name


Data Reconciliation

Users can reconcile the Sales and Cash report in Vericool with income reports in Payments/Meals > Analysis in Cypad.


  • Infant FSM Sales should equal EY PP and KS1 PP
  • Primary Sales should equal KS2 PP
  • Secondary FSM Sales should equal KS3 PP, KS4 PP and KS5 PP
  • DTM Sales should equal Staff Free
  • Infant Paid Sales should equal EY Paid
  • Primary Paid Sales should equal KS1 Paid and KS2 Paid
  • Secondary Paid Sales should equal KS3 Paid, KS4 Paid and KS5 Paid
  • Staff Sales should equal Staff Paid
  • Visitor and Account sales should equal Other Paid
  • Cashless Sales and Total Vat together should equal Overall Total

NOTE  When reconciling Staff Sales and Visitor and Account Sales to Staff Paid and Other Paid, the Cypad figures will be inclusive of VAT so Total VAT from the cash report will need to be included.

When reconciling any transaction data prior to the integration go live date, users should only use the Meal Income report in Cypad which shows free/paid income by student type.

  • FSM Sales and DTM sales should equal Free Total
  • Non FSM, Staff Sales, Visitor and Account sales and Total VAT should equal Paid Total

Using Meal Income by Key Stage or Year Group may result in a mismatch as the income is being allocated to the key stages/student years at the time of integration rather than key stages/student years at the time of the income transactions.

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