Transactions - Edit Student details

To edit student details, payments, allergens and diet type information select a Site [1] and click the Student Name [2] to open the Edit Student [3] window, edit the required details and click Save [4].


Student tab

NOTE If the Site is integrated with a payment provider such as ParentPay or SchoolComms, editing student details is restricted and only the Type and Menu template can be changed.

In the Student tab you can enter or edit the following details:


  1. Name: Enter the first name of the student and a middle name if required
  2. Surname: Enter the surname of the student
  3. Nickname: Enter the student nickname which will replace the first Name on the Whiteboard and Tablet. If the Nickname field is left blank the student ‘Name’ and ‘Surname’ are displayed on the Whiteboard as usual.
  4. Status: There are three status options to choose from:
    • Open
    • Closed
    • On Hold
  5. Type: There are six Type options to choose from:
    • Nursery
    • Student
    • Staff
    • Special (student's with allergies)
    • Employee discount
    • Other
  6. Year: The drop down list will list all the Year's of the Site.
  7. Class: The drop down list will list all the Classes for the Site.
  8. ID: This is the Identification Number of the Student that is created in accordance with the school's Admin policy
  9. DOB: Use the calendar to record the Date of Birth
  10. Mobile: Enter the mobile number of the student if available.
  11. Menu template: Apply a diet/allergy specific template created in Menus for the student
  12. Siblings: If the student has any siblings at the school they will be listed here. This information can only be updated in Cypad Parent Payments.
  13. Photo: click the photo to deleted the current photo and upload a new one.