Archive your messages via the web version of Schoolcomms

If you receive a message regarding the remaining storage space available within your Schoolcomms account, or you are unable to send a message, you may need to archive or delete some of your Sent Items.

Draft messages will also need to be deleted across all users. (Schoolcomms users would need to delete their own drafts).

To view your current space usage allowance:

  • Click on Dashboard
  • Messaging (The envelope icon)
  • Sent items
  • Click on a message
  • Under Actions, click on the Space Usage icon

To archive messages:

  • Select the messages you wish to archive from the Sent Items screen
  • Under Actions, click the Archive Messages icon
  • You will then receive the following message: Archived messages will be saved to the downloads folder on your computer and will no longer be available in Sent Items.
  • Click Yes to confirm