Meals - Marking, Amending and Removing Meals Taken

Previously selected meal records can be adjusted if it isn't correct or needs removing using Meal Selection.

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How to amend Student Meal Records.

Classic User Interface Guidance

Classic User Interface Guidance

Accessing Meal Records

Navigate to Payments > Transactions.

Select the Relevant Student Record [1]. Students with already selected meals will appear with a Tick.

Meal Records.png

Selected Meals [2] will appear with a Green Overlay to signify this is the meal the student has chosen.

To change the meal selection select an Item [3] that does not have the Green overlay and Click Save [4].

Selected Items.png


If you pick a date 90 days or more in the past, you will only be able to see that a transaction has happened.

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Marking Meals as Taken

    1. Navigate to Meals > Meals.
    2. If required, select the Relevant Site [1] from the navigation bar.
      1.1 Finding Site.png
    3. Locate the Relevant Student Record [2].
    4. Use the Date Filter [3] to find the specific week the meal will be added.
      Date Range.png
    5. Click on a Weekday Checkbox [4].
      3. Weekday Checkbox.png
    6. Ensure the Meal Toggle [5] is set to Taken.
    7. If required, change the Menu Type [6] so the correct menu items are displayed.
    8. Under the required weekday, click on the Menu Items [7] that will be marked as taken. Please note you may have to scroll down to select Vegetable or Dessert items. 
      4. Toggle, Menu Type and Menu Item Selection.png
    9. Once a menu item has been selected, it will appear with a green background.

      Green Row.png

  1. Click Save [8].
    5. Save.png
  2. Menu items will now be marked as taken on the system, to confirm if this process was successful a Tick [9] will now appear under the chosen weekday column.

Removing and Amending Meals Chosen

Menu item choices can be changed if required:

  1. Navigate to Meals > Meals.
  2. Locate the Relevant Student Record [1].
  3. If required, Use the Date Filter [2] to find the required week.
    1. Student Record and Date Range.png
  4. Click on the Weekday Checkbox [3], students with meals marked as taken will show a tick within the Checkbox with a Green Background.
    2. Marked Record Checkbox.png
  5. Ensure the Meal Toggle [4] is set to Taken.
  6. Click on the correct Menu Type [5].
  7. To remove the menu item choice, click on the highlighted Green Meal Records [6] so the background turns White.
  8. To change the selected menu item choice, click on another Item with a White Background [7].
    2. Meal Records.png
  9. Click Save [8].
    3. Save.png
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