Meals - Pre-Ordering Meals and Removing Pre-Orders

The school administrator can record the meal pre-selection for a student on the Meal Register Desktop. This can be for the day or in the future (this is limited to the menu’s templates saved on the system).

  This article will teach you...

How to pre-order via the Cypad Desktop application.

Classic User Interface Guidance

Classic User Interface Guidance

Navigate to Payments > Pre-Orders.

Set the Required Date [1] and select an Active Day Checkbox [2].

Pre-Order Days.png


Greyed-out day columns are in the past and cannot be used to make a meal pre-selection.

Within the Pre-Order Meal Selection window, select the Required Menu Option [3] and click Save [4].

Menu Options.png


Depending on the site configurations, you may need to also select a Dessert item. When placing a pre-order for Staff there is an option to skip dessert and only select a main meal.

Pre-Ordering Meals


You can only pre-order meals for the current and future dates. Your ability to do so is dependent on the booking cut-off parameters which have been assigned to the selected school.

  1. Navigate to Meals > Meals.
  2. Select the Relevant Site [1] from the navigation bar if required.
    1. Selecting Site.png
  3. Use the Date Filter [2] to choose a specific week.


    Pre-orders can only be made for dates in the future, Users will be unable to select Items for dates that have already passed. 

  4. Find the Relevant Student Record [3].
    1. Selecting Student and Filter.png
  5. Click on a Weekday Checkbox [4].
    2. Weekday Checkbox.png
  6. Ensure the Meal Toggle [5] is set to Pre-Order, if not clicking the toggle will set it to Pre-Order.
  7. Select the Menu Type [6] you wish to pre-order items from.
  8. Under the Required Date [7] select Menu Items [8], Items that have been marked for Pre-Order will appear with a blue background.
    2. Selecting Meals.png
  9. Click Save [9].
    4. Save.png
  10. Pre-ordered items [10] will now appear selected on the chosen day.
    5. Checkbox Pre-Order Confirmed.png

Removing Pre-Orders

Pre-orders can be removed from the Student meal record by following the same process:

  1. Navigate to Meals > Meals.
  2. Locate the Relevant Student Record [1].
    3. Selecting Student (Remove).png
  3. Click on the Weekday Checkbox [2], pre-ordered items will show a blue background.
    7. Blue Dash.png
  4. Ensure the Toggle [3] is set to Pre-Order.
  5. Pre-ordered items are identified by the color Blue [4], click on the item will turn the background white.
    4. Removing Pre-Order.png
  6. Click Save [5].
    9. Save.png
  7. The Weekday Checkbox [6] will longer show the dash signifying the pre-order has been removed.
    10. Blank Checkbox.png
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