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System Users contains the information of multiple different account types and how they work on Cypad, this area is the hub of all user account details across the contract.

  This article will teach you...

The process of setting up a new User account on Cypad and what each section means.

Admin users can create User Details for Cypad by selecting Add [1]  Click on edit Existing Users [2] details.


Upon clicking Add a new window will pop up in which you can enter the Details for the User account:


Personal Details [1]

  1. Full Name - Name of the Person who will be given access to Cypad.
  2. Login Name - The login name the user will use to access Cypad.
  3. Password - The password which will be used to access Cypad.
  4. Mobile - Phone number of the User.
  5. Email - Email of the User.
  6. Status - When creating a new user the Roles available to you are restricted during the initial setup, if you require additional Roles to be made accessible please contact Cypad Support.

    Users are assigned a level of access to the system appropriate to their role:

    • Standard – usually council-based, assigned to multiple areas for monitoring, cannot view sites
    • Manager – usually council-based, assigned to multiple areas for monitoring, can also be assigned to sites. Can access Desktop monitoring through PC or tablet.
    • Admin – the system administrator, can be assigned multiple areas. Does not view sites or content on a tablet.
    • Unit Manager (Cook) – school-based, assigned to one site only, uses the Staff and Kitchen modules on the tablet. They can access Desktop but this is not common.
    • Contract - an external worker (such as a contractor who provides kitchen repairs) who only has permission to access the Action and Publish functions in Cypad Monitor.
    • School Admin - assigned to their school account only.
    • Council Admin - assigned available modules only, they cannot view areas or sites.
    • Teacher - has access to the class whiteboard only.

Role Details [2]

  1. Role - The required role for the User (Unit Manager, School Admin, Teacher, etc)
  2. Site - The site at which the user is based.
  3. Contract - Not used.
  4. Service - Not used.
  5. Order Approval Limit - Please see

Configurable Details [3]

  1. Allowed to update closed inspections - This will make it possible for users to access and update closed inspection Forms in Monitor 
  2. Data Collection Emailing Contact - This populates the Data Collection Status table with the user's contact details for when the 'Show not done for a selected week' is enabled
  3. Device Locked - This locks down the user's tablet to only use the Cypad App, all other Apps are disabled e.g. Chrome explorer.

Click Save [4] to save the User Details.

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