Meal Register - Changing Font Size

In the Meal Register app, users can change the font size to meet their needs.

  This article will teach you...

How to change the font size within Meal Register.


When you change the Font size the page will re-load and you will need to start the Meal session selection again.

Changing the Font Size

Open Meal Register App and select the relevant class.

Located in the top right corner press the 3 dots and select Font Size [1] to view the Font Size List [2].


What changes when the font size is changed?

The following will be re-sized:

  • The pupil name in the purple header at the top of the page on the meal selection screen
  • The names of classes, years and key stages in the class selection screen
  • The pupil names in the pupil selection screen
  • The pre-selected meal names in the pupil selection screen
  • The service names (main, dessert, etc.) in the sub-headers of the meal selection screen
  • The meal names in the meal selection screen
  • Any other text content in the Meal Register module.
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