How to sync your device & open Meal Register

Before and after you use Meal Register you should sync your device. This ensures the information collected is passed back to the Payments Database. If the sync fails, try again after a minute. If it still fails contact our Support Team.
Sync your device

After you log into the Tablet press the Menu [1] button and press the Sync [2] option. 


On the Sync page press the Sync button [3] and follow the on screen prompts.


App Updates

In the event that there have been software updates they will be automatically installed as part of the Sync. When the update has been successfully installed you will have the option to read the latest release notes by pressing the What's New [1] option.


Alternately you can press the Got It [2] to return to the Module Select screen. 

Open Meal Register

In the Module Select screen press the Meal Register [1] option.


If Payroll validation has been enabled enter your Payroll number [2] and press OK [3] access the Meal Register options screen.


Press the Meal Register [4] icon to open the App.