Meal Register - How to sync your device and Access Meal Register

Before accessing and using Meal Register it is important to sync your tablet so the tablet data is up-to-date.

  This article will teach you...

How to sync the tablet and access Meal Register.

Syncing Your Tablet

Upon logging into the tablet a selection of Modules [1] will appear on the screen.

Located in the top right corner press on the 3 Dots and Select Sync [2].



Please note the list of modules may appear differently on your screen, this is dependent on the site configuration details. For more information please speak to your area manager.

Select Sync [3].


The tablet will now automatically start syncing and all Meal Register information will be updated for the day.


Accessing Meal Register

Looking back at the Module List, select Meal Register [4].


The following screen should contain information on available Classes [5].


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