Meal Register Legend and Viewing options

The Meal Register App is used to record student and staff meal pre-selections, if a student has a food allergy or dietary restrictions, if a student is eligible for free school meals, and confirm which meals have been taken.

This article will teach you

What the different colors and icons mean to each student as well as how to change the screen view type.

Legend (colors and icons)

On the Class screens there will be a Status indicator [1] against each student's name, and where applicable, an Allergen or Special Diet indicator [2] for students with dietary restrictions.


To learn about what each color and icon mean, click the top right menu button and tap the Legend [3] option to open the On-screen legend [4] with will detail the following:

  • Taken today – the student has taken this meal today
  • Meals pre-selected – the parent or student has pre-selected these meals through the web payments website or the school whiteboard
  • Meal eligible – the student is eligible for a meal today
  • Meal not eligible – the student is not eligible for a meal today
  • Balance overdue – the student has an overdue balance
  • Credit below £3 – student has less than £3 in their account
  • FSM student – student eligible for free school meals
  • Allergens/Dietary - the student has known allergens recorded
  • Packed lunch home - the student has a packed lunch from home pre-selected
  • Special Diet - the student has a Special Diet (SD) requirement e.g. Halal

View Modes

The Meal Register interface has a selection of view options that can be easily selected by the user. 

Key Stage Year Class (list) Class (grid) All

Other Menu Options

Meals Meal Chosen Meal Session



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