Meal eligible / Meal not eligible students

If a student decides to have a school meal when they are not eligible, provide the student with a meal they have chosen and make the administrator aware a student has ordered a meal when their status is meal not eligible.

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How to identify meal eligible / not eligible students and what to do when a student is not eligible for a menu item.

The Meal eligible status is the default for students.

The Meal not eligible status is for when the student is not registered to have a school meal, there has been no meal pre-selection, if their available balance is overdrawn or if available credit is below £3.

How to select a meal for a not eligible Student?

If there has been no meal preselection made, the menu will open on both tablets. The student can tell the cook which menu item/s they would like from the menu.

The cook will record the student’s order on their tablet, these menu items will be highlighted in GreenAfter selecting the menu items press the Select [1] button to log the meal as Taken today (refer to Legend) before serving the meal to the student.

To cancel the menu item requests press the Cancel [2] button. The menu selections are cancelled and the menu will close and return to the previous screen.

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