Dual tablet - Allergens/Dietary/Special Diet

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How to identify a pupil with specific allergen requirements.

Dietary Requirement Identifiers

If a pupil has been marked as having specific dietary requirements by the School Admin, there will be a special meal ready for them that meets their dietary requirements.

During the class selection, you can see two specific symbols showcasing the requirements. An Orange Triangle [1] signifies that the student has an allergy.

An SD Symbol [2] shows that a student has a special diet (Vegetarian, Pescatarian etc)

Pre-Selected Dietary Meals

The pupil will have a set menu for their allergies/dietary requirements or special diet. When the student select’s their name/photo, the cook can either confirm the student is present and Required a Meal [3] or the student is present and Not Required a Meal [4].

The cook can see more details about the student’s dietary needs/restrictions by clicking on the More Details Icon [5]. A breakdown of the specific allergen details will then be displayed on the screen.


The information that appears is subject to the data entered by the school admin.