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Meal pre-order Deadlines can be set for up to 20 days in advance. If the Pre-order lead days [1] are set to any value greater than 0, the Parent Pre-order cut off time [2] default value is 10:00 if the value field is left empty, this can be set to any value (e.g. 20:00).



The configuration options ‘Parent pre-order lead days’ and ‘Whiteboard pre-order lead days’ do not affect the ability to pre-order meals in the Manager App ‘Pre-orders’ page.

If the Pre-order lead day is 0, the Parent Pre-order cut off time will be the Default latest time of 08:00, or earlier if a time is entered.

The Enable parent pre-selection [1] option makes it possible for parents to do meal pre-selections online. The Pre-selection Number of weeks [2] drop down menus can be set up to 20 weeks.


The Parent pre-selection can be changed via the Whiteboard [3] and Tablet [4] so Students can override their parent’s pre-selected meal choices when using the whiteboard or tablet for their morning meal selection.

When you have enabled the Whiteboard functions you wish to use click Save [4].


All new sites added to databases other than SS1, have the 'Parent selection can be removed in Whiteboard' default set to OFF.

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