Staff App - Recording Hours

The Staff App records staff Check In and Check Out times in an HH:mm format from the Attendance app. This information is displayed at the top of the Staff Hours pop-up for the supervising cook or catering manager to enter the total worked hours, overtime, non-productive hours and any absence before signing off your hours worked at the end of the week.

In this example it is Thursday, the Th column [1] is highlighted. Press on the Thursday cell [2] for your Name [3] to enter your worked hours.


Mark Williams has Checked In and Out using the Attendance App and also has multiple positions, refer to Timesheets for multiple positions. In the Total worked hours register the Check In/Out times [1] for both positions are detailed on the screen, you will see Mark's primary Role [2] on the screen.


Workout how many hours you have worked using the Check In/Out times, enter it into the On-screen keypad [3] and press OK [4].